What do Promotional Products Do for Your Business?

One of the most important aspects of running your business is to market and promote what you do or products you offer to your current and potential customers and clientele. Sometimes it can be the most difficult to market your own business and services to clients, but without doing it, how would you ever move forward in the business world?

One of the best ways to advertise your business, goods, and services is to use give-away products with your company logo, mission, slogan, or brand name on it to remind your current customers about what you have done for them, and to introduce potential clients to what you could do for them.

Promotional products can be practical, useful, entertaining, humorous, or decorative products imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, slogan, or message and given away at events, via mail, or in person on sales calls. These promotional products are kept by the recipients and offer great exposure for the advertiser’s message.

Companies, organizations and business always bring promotional products, also known sometimes as swag, to trade shows, job fairs, lectures, conventions, and events that their company, organization or business has sponsored, such as carnivals, fundraisers, blood drives, and more. You may not think much about the stuff you pick up at these events when walking from booth to booth, but you probably don’t have any idea of how much of an impression they’ve made on you. But the companies with trade show booths do! In recent years, the sale of branded items topped $19.8 billion!

But how can you possibly choose the right promotional products that will be the most effective in getting your message across to your clients? To help you answer that question, there are many, many companies that specialize in helping you determine what promotional products to choose and then help you acquire them. For example, the Advertising Specialty Institute, more commonly known as ASI, is the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry.

ASI has two very important sides to their business. The first is the suppliers, or the importers and manufacturers of the promotional products, that use ASI’s catalogues and web site to market products to distributor salespeople. The second the distributors and sellers, who use ASI’s catalogues and web site to find suppliers and market services to the companies and organizations that are looking for promotional products.

Companies that supply these products also offer advice, counseling, statistics, and information to help you choose your marketing pieces out of the hundreds of thousands of items available. ASI alone has approximately 22,000 distributor firms and 3,500 supplier firms of advertising specialties, and the list of promotional products available is seemingly endless. You can find just about anything to put your logo and name onto, so finding the most relevant and sensible item is that much more important. Don’t just pick a ball point pen. Talk to the experts at companies like ASI whose job it is to help people just like you determine the right promotional product to make an impression on your existing and potential clients without wasting your marketing dollars.

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