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innovative Marketing Is Our Passion

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innovative Marketing Is Our Passion

ZERO Risk Social Media Marketing

We work hard every day to bring ideas to life.

San Diego SEO Services provides businesses the tools and strategies to dramatically increase internet marketing exposure and subsequently drive more traffic and sales.

We are a San Diego based company that offers social media marketing consulting combined with search engine marketing and video production. We align them into a powerful, overall internet marketing strategic campaign.

It’s obvious that a paradigm shift in consumer behavior is forcing businesses to change how they market products and services. Over two-thirds of consumers now go online for information before making a buying decision.

Moreover, millions of new websites are being added to the Internet every day.

So, how do you make the Internet work cost-effectively for your local business?

San Diego SEO Services

If you are new to the Internet, San Diego SEO Services and it’s innovative marketing team will give you honest and candid advice on your best options and strategies including social media marketing. If you are Internet savvy, let us review your website and your current marketing effort. We’re confident we can save you money and help you laser focus your advertising for increased return.

And since we collaborate with you to build a strong innovative marketing strategy that fits your needs, we GUARANTEE our work and make sure that our efforts are paying off for an ongoing, mutually beneficial business relationship.


With over 1,000,000,000 members, Facebook & Twitter are a force that cannot be ignored.  Social networks have changed the way people research and make buying decisions.  When leveraged in your favor you’ll have the opportunity to build more trust, respect, and credibility than ever before.  Imagine being able to have feedback on how to improve your business, and sell more on a daily basis.  Imagine being able to turn every customer into a potential raving fan who will advertise for you and increase traffic exponentially. San Diego SEO Services makes social media marketing happen, and we do it all for you.


In addition to social media marketing, did you know that 77% of all internet users follow one or more blogs?  If you’re not capitalizing on the growing blogging community, you’re missing out on a huge amount of business.  Bloggers are passionate about sharing, and if you have one as a client and a loyal fan, they can propel your business to new heights. San Diego SEO Services will create and manage your video blog for you, all with push button simplicity so you can leverage this influence engine giant for your benefit.


Did you know that 30% of all searches include a city or local term. And even if it isn’t included, the local data is registered by the search engine with the IP address of the person searching?  This means that every search for every term will first list the local companies that have optimized and figured out how to get high rankings in all of the local directories.  San Diego SEO Services ensures that your company will rank for all of the relevant search keywords appropriate to your business so as to drive more of the search traffic to your site. If nobody can find you, they can’t buy from you.


Currently there are over 13 BILLION videos viewed per month in the United States alone.  YouTube is the fourth largest search engine on the internet, and it’s merely a portal to user-created videos.  This is the most profound paradigm shift in media distribution and advertising in the history of the internet and you are ahead of the curve.  Imagine if you had the budget to run infomercials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’d dominate your market! San Diego SEO Services is going to show you how video marketing is possible on a shoestring and be able to engender more trust and respect with your customers than ever before. Video marketing can’t be ignored and it must be part of your ongoing arsenal of your innovative marketing plan.


Did you know that a “great” webpage will convert 5% of its visitors to a sale.  Meaning that over 95% of the traffic being paid for is going to waste.  However, what’s really “great” is that the AVERAGE page, backed by a strategic marketing campaign (e.g. offering consumers free information in exchange for their contact info) gets 35-40% conversion!  Imagine being able to instantly increase your return on leads 7-FOLD, and do it with push-button automation

San Diego SEO Services has Packages starting at less than a Daily Coffee Habit!

Contact us today for your free consultation

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Simple Marketing Formula | simple marketing forumla

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Simple Marketing Formula | simple marketing forumla
San Diego SEO Services is an Online Social Media Marketing company who is dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans.

Our marketing formula is simple:

  1. Get out there and get found
  2. Engage with your prospects on their terms
  3. Continue to engage and follow up with them

We accomplish these objectives by applying the latest tools and know-how on behalf of your business.

Our objectives are:

To get started ASAP – Taking action quickly on the new online and mobile marketing platforms will produce results (leads and customers) more quickly and and give you greater competitive advantage.

To build your program incrementally – Not doing everything at once helps control costs by paying for it with new leads and customers.

To integrate all the elements so they work most powerfully with each other—search engines, video, social media, and mobile marketing.

To do it with zero extra work on your part – By planning, executing and managing your online social media and mobile marketing program for you, your business reaps the benefits without spreading you and your staff too thin.

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We Have A Proven Strategic Marketing Plan

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We Have A Proven Strategic Marketing Plan

What We Do:

Our primary objectives are to build your online marketing program incrementally to control costs, integrate all the elements for the most powerful effect and greatest results and accomplish this with zero extra work on your part.

Strategy & Planning – Developing a custom internet marketing plan and approach for your business to leverage the new online social media and mobile marketing platforms

Social Media marketing programs – for engaging with prospects and customers on their turf, building your “tribe” of followers and establishing social authority for you and your business

Online Video marketing programs – for increasing visibility and traffic, ongoing communication with your “tribe” and social authority building

Local Directory marketing programs – for getting your business locations found more successfully and increasing traffic and sales

Mobile marketing programs – for getting your business found through mobile devices and for following up powerfully with prospects and customers through their mobile devices

Automated Follow Up systems and campaigns – for maximizing sales, keeping prospects and customers engaged and turning them into raving fans by following up through email, mobile text and voicemail

Lead Capture systems and campaigns – for leveraging social media, online video, mobile marketing to drive traffic and capture leads for automated follow up campaigns

Content Creation strategies, systems and methods – we plan and create articles, videos, tweets, social media posts, site pages, follow up emails, text messages—even voicemails for your business to fuel your ongoing program

Business Category: internet marketing, local business marketing, business consultation

Business Products: social media marketing, video production, business directories, web development

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3 Top Mistakes of Internet Marketing

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On the surface, it’s possible that online marketing can appear difficult to do successfully, but it isn’t and that’s what trips up so many newer marketers. The fear of succeeding or failing is something that many people find themselves dealing with. Always taking advantage of learning from others so you don’t have to make the same mistakes is always a golden opportunity. So that’s what we’ll do today, learn from the mistakes of other people so you won’t have to learn them the hard way.

Successful online marketing always includes the ability to get targeted traffic to your promotions. For millions of marketers, the very best kind of converting traffic is from the search engines. Yet you will still find many marketers who do not appreciate that fact. They feel there are better, easier ways to reach out their target market. It’s any businesses personal decision to make, however it must be noted that the quality of traffic from search engines is difficult to beat.

People just immediately use a major search engine when there’s something they want to find, and that’s especially true for solutions to problems. Search engine optimization, SEO, is what you will have to do on your site if you hope to get it to rank in the engines. It looks and sounds hard to do, but it really isn’t difficult at all. If you’re successful with ranking well, then you’ll see first hand what all the excitement is about with SEO – it’s powerful marketing. It depends on many factors, and you will need to rank for keywords that bring good traffic and the right kind of traffic that is looking to spend money. Make no mistake about it, you’ll work to get those high rankings, but it is doable and if you get there, then all that work will feel worth it.

For some people, it is a definite mistake to enter into a market that you really don’t care for, or like.

You don’t have to be passionate about a market, but since you’ll be spending a lot of your time thinking about it, you may find it best to like it, at least. If you’re interested in the market, then it won’t be so hard to work with it. You also could run the risk of your audience noticing your disinterest, and that will affect how well they respond to your marketing messages. It just makes a bit of good common sense to work in a market you really like, and it’s even better if your research shows you can be profitable in it. So, after you think you have found an appealing market that you can make money in, then it’s time to just move onto the next business building stage.

Don’t make your product your baby. It’s a mistake to get so attached to your product that it becomes hard to let go when it’s not working. Sometimes marketers can become blinded to that fact, and it will drag them down. Always be ready to do what is necessary, such as letting go of something. It’s about mindset, and you need to be able to be clear and decisive when you need to be. Online marketing can sometimes be quite challenging, but that’s to be expected as are the occasional mistakes – just keep forging ahead and taking action.

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What do Promotional Products Do for Your Business?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in Articles | 3 comments

One of the most important aspects of running your business is to market and promote what you do or products you offer to your current and potential customers and clientele. Sometimes it can be the most difficult to market your own business and services to clients, but without doing it, how would you ever move forward in the business world?

One of the best ways to advertise your business, goods, and services is to use give-away products with your company logo, mission, slogan, or brand name on it to remind your current customers about what you have done for them, and to introduce potential clients to what you could do for them.

Promotional products can be practical, useful, entertaining, humorous, or decorative products imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, slogan, or message and given away at events, via mail, or in person on sales calls. These promotional products are kept by the recipients and offer great exposure for the advertiser’s message.

Companies, organizations and business always bring promotional products, also known sometimes as swag, to trade shows, job fairs, lectures, conventions, and events that their company, organization or business has sponsored, such as carnivals, fundraisers, blood drives, and more. You may not think much about the stuff you pick up at these events when walking from booth to booth, but you probably don’t have any idea of how much of an impression they’ve made on you. But the companies with trade show booths do! In recent years, the sale of branded items topped $19.8 billion!

But how can you possibly choose the right promotional products that will be the most effective in getting your message across to your clients? To help you answer that question, there are many, many companies that specialize in helping you determine what promotional products to choose and then help you acquire them. For example, the Advertising Specialty Institute, more commonly known as ASI, is the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry.

ASI has two very important sides to their business. The first is the suppliers, or the importers and manufacturers of the promotional products, that use ASI’s catalogues and web site to market products to distributor salespeople. The second the distributors and sellers, who use ASI’s catalogues and web site to find suppliers and market services to the companies and organizations that are looking for promotional products.

Companies that supply these products also offer advice, counseling, statistics, and information to help you choose your marketing pieces out of the hundreds of thousands of items available. ASI alone has approximately 22,000 distributor firms and 3,500 supplier firms of advertising specialties, and the list of promotional products available is seemingly endless. You can find just about anything to put your logo and name onto, so finding the most relevant and sensible item is that much more important. Don’t just pick a ball point pen. Talk to the experts at companies like ASI whose job it is to help people just like you determine the right promotional product to make an impression on your existing and potential clients without wasting your marketing dollars.

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Effectively Using Overture/Yahoo To Get Website Visitors

Posted by on Dec 27, 2010 in Articles | 0 comments

Overture or now known as Yahoo because of Yahoo’s takeover, was the original inventor of the use of the P4P or Pay for Performance. Overture saw that the web was fast becoming the least difficult and most handy way to shop, and advertising was proceeding to hit at an all time high primarily because of the a lot of businesses within the arena.

To get a person to go to a site than other people, it requirements to be incredibly visible. Supplying ads that can direct prospective buyers and costumers to their site would enable them to have an improve in targeted visitors as well as income. Yahoo offers a support that will place a web page or company’s ad in their web sites that can be shown when certain keywords are inputted.

Yahoo offers a possibility for any company to increase their specific visitors by making use of their services. With more folks becoming aware of one’s website, there would be more visitors and visitors to your internet site provided the chance to view your pages as properly as your products. With even a tiny percentage of successful income, with a high web page visitors volume this could even now be a significant figure for your business.

Obtaining a consistent significant flow of internet site visitors is each and every company’s goal. A lot of procedures are devised and utilized to ensure that there would be more persons to enhance the sales and to be aware of the existence of this sort of a product or service. Web site visitors are potentially the existence blood of one’s world-wide-web based business.

Yahoo/Overture utilizes exactly the same principle as Google’s Adwords. In fact, they’re highly equivalent to each and every other that they use search expression and search term sentence searches and to figure out which ads to display per search. Each time a person varieties inside a search phrase or search saying sentence to search for anything, the search engines provides out the outcomes in a page. Then at the proper side of the web page, you may see chosen ads that have paid for their ads to be viewed with certain key phrases and search saying phrases searched.

For instance, Lets say you run a vehicle parts retail/wholesale website. You choose keywords that will prompt or trigger your advertisements to be shown inside page whenever a search sentence is searched. Every time a search engine user types in Honda Accord, your advert may come up if you have designated that as one of one’s search phrases. You do not require to fully optimize your website with Search Engine Optimization strategies and techniques.

Although some labor so hard to make their web page one of the high ranking web-sites per keyword search, you get the chance to be within the top of the list or at the least from the first web site of the search outcome increasing your possibility to be clicked on. With that, you drive targeted visitors and web site visitors to your website a great deal faster.

You can have to pony up some cash when applying this service however. You’ll find different methods Yahoo/Overture will cost you. It may perhaps be inside range of Search key phrases or Search term words your ad uses or from the a lot of times your advert is clicked on. Others offer a lot of other services like having your advert show up not only within the search engine pages but in addition with some 3rd party websites.

3rd party internet sites assist advertisements that have a similar theme or niche as them. With more locations your ad is shown, you increase the chances of persons knowing about your website or item. With more site visitors you raise the product sales of one’s internet site which makes your expense with your advertisements a wise one.

With so several competitions within the world wide web based businesses, it’s necessary to take a huge leap forward from your pack by advertising. Yahoo/Overture are proceeding to be a great location to start. Quite a few have utilized their services and have reaped the rewards of this decision. It’s a marketing tactic that should boost your internet site visitors as nicely as increase your revenue resulting to profit.

It takes money to make money, while you will discover some techniques which are generally low cost or totally free, using a marketing support such as what Yahoo/Overture offers will provide results quicker and on a larger scale. Several businesses have learned this the difficult way, do not be counted with them.

An additional excellent way to step-up visitors to your internet site is by using an email promotion list. Numerous companies can sell or rent an email promoting list for a wide variety of demographics, such as a new homeowner list, a homeowners list, and a wide variety of distinct construction leads. You are ready to use quite a few distinct filters, such as age, income, gender, ethnicity, and various more. Make sure the list you select is an opt-in list, which means you don’t have to stress about getting falsely accused of sending spam. By buying these type of email lists you can make certain to take your on the web advertising and marketing to the next level and beyond.

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Write Articles and Make Money – Anybody Can Do It – Or Can They?

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My workers want to hand over worth by giving  the best quality info through giving knowledge from making pageswebsitOur workers want to give you worth through handing over the best quality articles through giving knowledge by making pages as persoonlijke lening persoonlijkelening lenen When you are learning about the different methods to make money online there will be people who will tell you that you should write content for money. There is always at least one person who says “start writing articles for people it’s easy!” Some people, truthfully, find article writing easy. For some, though, article writing can be difficult. People who are good at writing articles make it seem simple. If you still would like to learn how to write for cash, then there are certain things you need to know about writing for the internet.

The best way to learn how to write is to read! The best writers have always spent a lot of time reading. Go online and search for topics in your niche. Spend some time reading articles in article directories. Find some online magazines, newspapers and ezines and read some of the articles. Find websites or blogs that have good content and do some reading. Go to blogs and read some of the posts. Read everything you can find in your chosen niche. All of this reading will give you a sense of what qualities are present in good articles and absent in bad ones. As you get more familiar with writing styles, you’ll start to develop one of your own when you write your own articles. The fact is, people who don’t like to read don’t like to write either!

Piece together a portfolio of completed work for clients to see. It’s also fine to offer your clients a downloadable PDF file of your samples. Remember to keep a folder of your completed work on your computer in case a client asks you to email samples over. Your portfolio should demonstrate all of your writing abilities. Include the styles and types of work you’re happy to do for your clients.

The rates you can fetch for your work aren’t necessarily the ones found on internet forums. There are always going to be people who tell you that the going rate for articles is only a couple of dollars per piece. This is simply not true. If you are good at what you do then you get to set the prices for your work.

You shouldn’t set your rates according to what other people are charging. There are quite a few articles available on the internet that show you how to calculate your hourly rate, your project or word rate. Be certain that you are charging what you are worth. Don’t let anybody tell you that you need to start small.

Content writing is certainly a valid way to make some extra money online. Article writing has been a solution explored by many internet marketers at some point in their careers. Many novice writers turn to writing articles because they think it won’t be hard. It doesn’t take them very long to learn just how hard writing articles can be. On the other hand, it is a profession that can be quite rewarding when you create something that is appreciated.

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Work-at-Home Opportunities – Opening a Work-at-Home Small Business – What Choices Are There?

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This article makes clear four top-rated avenues that you may very well observe to set off and operate a highly effective ecommerce, Internet, or home-based business. These opportunities include taking up web affiliate marketing; establishing info products for instance electronic books, audio tutorials, and video learning aids; taking e-classes and tele-seminars; and consulting or freelancing.

Building up an online, Web-based, or home-based business is among the most useful challenges you may very well undertake. Ahead lies financial prosperity and freedom. It really is like taking up an adventure to El Dorado, undertaking a gold mining expedition, or pursuing King Solomon’s mines. At the conclusion you anticipate financial wealth, if you will be able to arrive. The road is torturous but you still go on.

There are numerous scenarios you may easily carry out to restart and manage a profitable Web-based or work-at-home enterprise. This informative article talks about the leading four. They consist of: taking up affiliate marketing online; developing info products like ebooks, audio tutorials, and video learning aids; taking e-classes and tele-seminars; and consulting or freelancing.

These available alternatives are outlined further as follows:

  1. ONLINE AFFILIATE MARKETING. Affiliate promotion is the name given to the operation of selling other businesses’ products or services on commission. It really is the easiest way to commence online, and it’s the alternative we would recommend to all or any newcomers looking for a business opportunity on the internet. To achieve success, you will need to learn how to employ content to draw in visitors and then lead them on to your affiliate products or services in order that they could very well buy. You’ll have to learn to build a content site that fascinates visitors.
  2. DESIGNING INFORMATION PRODUCTS. This is certainly more complicated than affiliate marketing because you are required to make your own merchandise to market. The product or service could very well be an e-book, audio-book, or video-book. You can certainly construct an electronic book of your information and then construct video and audio versions of the ebook. You have to be able to come up with an info-product. We’d recommend this as an expansion alternative. When you begin with internet affiliate marketing, the education you get from succeeding as an affiliate could very well be packaged into one or more info products and solutions that you simply can potentially sell.
  3. GIVING E-CLASSES AND TELE-SEMINARS. E-classes are given through web seminars (webinars) and tele-seminars. You must know your stuff inside out to succeed. Unless you are definitely an experienced person at teaching popular courses, we would suggest you utilize this exclusively as an expansion alternative. If you set off and do well as an affiliate, the experience and knowledge you receive not merely serves you well in developing information products but also creates the self-confidence to take e-classes. We would furthermore recommend that you first package your ideas into information products and solutions before you take e-classes. This enables you to formulate your ideas so that you may easily speak about them. Furthermore, it helps you to promote your products and solutions after giving the seminars – you may well direct attendees to your products and solutions for more reading.
  4. CONSULTING OR FREELANCING. You can potentially pursue this when you’ve got particular and tested know-how in some marketable area. If not, first being successful as an affiliate, info-product originator, and e-class taker can potentially pave the way for lucrative consulting and freelancing work. You’ll need references from contented customers as well as samples of your works and accomplishments.

This information has outlined four prime alternatives you could chase to start out and manage a flourishing online, Web, or work-from-home enterprise. These avenues encompass trying out affiliate marketing online; establishing information products for instance ebooks, audio tutorials, and video learning aids; taking e-classes and tele-seminars; and consulting or freelancing.

We have spelled out that affiliate marketing online is the best choice to undertake when you are just commencing. Once you have prevailed there you can potentially expand into building information solutions and products, and then into giving e-classes, and finally into consulting or freelancing.

Beginning an online, Internet, or home business-enterprise is amongst the most productive challenges you could possibly undertake. In the future lies financial fortune and freedom. It is like taking up an adventure to El Dorado, undertaking a gold mining expedition, or going after King Solomon’s mines. Towards the end you anticipate financial riches, for those who may reach there. The path is torturous but you still keep on.

A couple of things you must realize:

  • You have what it takes to succeed at your ecommerce, Web, or work-from-home business.
  • Plenty of people who began an ecommerce, Web-based, or work-from-home business have excelled, and these individuals are not gods.
  • Everyone who undertakes a significant project such as an online, Web, or work-at-home business starts out uncertain, frightened, shy, and bogged down. So you are not alone!
  • As you work on your online, Web, or home business-enterprise, you will grow emotionally and intellectually. This will drive away your uncertainties and doubts. You will certainly become self-assured and in control.
  • When you’ve finally got there and you’re making the cash you are looking for from your e-commerce, Web, or work-at-home business, you are going to look back (like others have) and ask yourself why the path could not be straighter. But again that’s life! It’s always simpler to be smart after the fact.

There are more secrets to initiating and running a flourishing online, Web, or home small-business. Should you be interested it is possible to follow them through this home business-opportunities link.


There is a bright future in front of you. Yes, a bright future awaits you!

It doesn’t matter how helpless your circumstances are, a bright future awaits you. It doesn’t matter how troubled you might be, peace stands on your path. However terrified you are, valor awaits you. However demoralised you are usually, self-confidence awaits you.

Regardless how much you weep, fun is on your way. However furious you might be, contentment is coming to your heart. Yes, you actually have a bright future in advance of you!

Dr A A Agbormbai has been creating his work from home business since 2006 and has a wide range of achievements and experiences in this area. His articles bring his insights to you to help you to succeed on the internet.

Up until now, Dr Agbormbai was a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Information Technology at a private university college in London. He has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College London, specialising in Spacecraft Aerodynamics. He has also worked as a Research Fellow in Fluid Dynamics.

Dr Agbormbai also plays a part in nation building by analysing national problems through his blog posts, at political sites web, and providing incisive practical solutions to these problems. He is the world’s top-rated problem solving guru, having solved problems in such interdisciplinary areas as science, technology, online business, people, and national issues. These problems range from academic to practical.

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Creative Ways To Get Your Content Re-Purposed

Posted by on Dec 10, 2010 in Articles | 1 comment

The value of writing and distributing articles online to generate additional visitors in addition to for brand building is something that is known by all world wide web marketers. Since you would like to get the most out of the effort you put in, the real value of your content lies in reusing it in a selection of ways. Essentially, this means that you’ll want to locate multiple uses for your content once it has been created to make sure you are getting the most out of your time. You will find many web marketers who are new to the game and have no knowledge of this efficient yet straightforward technique and don’t use it. You will find below 3 simple techniques that can enable you to re-purpose your content.

1. Post your content on social media internet sites like Facebook, Squidoo, HubPages, etc. Your aim here is to reach out to your target audience in a number of techniques and have your content spread around. Social networking sites for example Facebook and MySpace have turn out to be a fantastic method to publish your content and have it spread around virally. Your articles can provide huge amounts of visitors should you can blend them with social media marketing. This is simply because, these days, social networking is extremely well-liked and most online users use it. So, this is really a wonderful avenue for utilizing these platforms to your benefit for publishing your articles and getting them seen by everybody. 2. Place your articles in directories and content banks. You will find many on-line directories that accept article submissions at no charge. This is a wonderful technique for making yourself a expert in a niche and utilizing it to your advantage. These article directories get lots of targeted visitors, which means that possible clients will see your articles and click to your ads within the resource box. Besides that, ezine publishers and webmasters looking for new content are always browsing via these directories, which means your article might get republished and get you targeted visitors from different sources.

3. Write a targeted press release. This is 1 way that will get loads of search engine site visitors and media exposure. First, whenever you order a press release, you bring about search engine visitors simply because of the huge quantity of backlinks you acquire, which will make you higher within the searches. Second you will obtain direct site visitors as a result of your very targeted press release. Even though this takes a bit of work, since you’ve got to turn your article into a press release, it gives great long term results. All in all, with that we come to the conclusion that you’ll be able to indeed re-purpose your existing content by making use of various techniques and reach out to your target audience in a better way. There’s no much better method to apply the concept of smart marketing which says that you’ll want to use all the resources obtainable to you than to reuse content that you have already taken the time to create. Once you understand the power of re-purposing your content, you will have the ability to get exposure to your website in countless methods – the sky is the limit and you are only limited by your imagination. Learning to think a little bit outside the box will take fv secrets business even further when dugi’s ultimate wow guide comes to repurposing content.

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