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Born in Guatemala, and raised through elementary school years in the U.S., Leonel grew up within multiple cultures.  His father being a pop violinist playing with big bands from the 70′s and 80′s, was a determining factor for his family to be where the music called them. From East to West coast of the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. It was difficult for him to make friends, because his family would soon move on to a new chapter in their lives in a different country. But he knew that some day he would have the time to build true relationships that would last a lifetime.

Trying to follow in his father’s footsteps, Leonel was determined to be successful one way or another.  He studied in the conservatorium of music for several years, but soon found that it wasn’t his true calling.  Architecture was one of his passions, so he followed it going to school at one of most prestigious Universities for Architecture in Latin America, the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, Central America.

In 1998 he moved back to the United States, opened his own Architecture firm within a few years and shortly after landed multiple long term contracts with multinational corporations. Simultaneously he founded a real estate investment firm, where he acquired and managed multiple residential and commercial properties in multiple States across the U.S. Including single family residents, condominiums. Commercial properties included within the gas and car wash industry to name a few. Using his internet marketing skills, he was able to market his businesses reaching targeted customers within every niche.

He soon learned his true passion was technology, internet marketing in particular.  By 2007 he realized he could effectively help other business owners successfully market their businesses online just as he had done with his.

Leonel lives in beautiful San Diego, married to his wife of 7 years while raising his two boys Nicolas and Cameron.  He enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking and biking, making his weekends a family tradition.  He believes in spending quality time with friends and family which allows him to grow closer to each one of them individually.

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